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Find The Right New Hampshire Property Manager

Thank you for letting Blue Door Living serve you. 

We are grateful that you choose us to manage your investment. The owner portal is an excellent tool for seeing rent collection, checking balances, and reviewing expenses. Providing an owner portal is just one of the many ways we hope to exceed your expectations. 

Management Services

  • Collect all rents and other miscellaneous income

  • Thoroughly screen all potential residents and provide that information to owners

  • Provide rental applications and leases to residents and owners

  • Maintain legal compliance and appropriate records

  • Comply with all fair housing rules & regulations

  • Provide reporting and accounting

  • Answer all maintenance calls and provide maintenance emergency services to residents

  • Collect quotes and manage large project repairs

  • Provide owners with a portal where they can view all deposits and withdrawals

  • Provide residents with a tenant portal where they can view all charges and payments, and also file a maintenance request

  • Handle all residents requests and resident disputes

  • Reconcile tenant security deposit and provide all required documentation

  • Provide full service-marketing and apartment website aggregate marketing

Please call us today at 603-965-2131 or email us at to discuss your property management needs. 

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